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Company Overview

The Mayer Group is an Overland Park, Kansas management advisory / faciliated solutions group specializing in goal-focused, performance driven, customized management solutions for organizations. The Mayer Group works with companies to improve overall business performance by conducting a thorough assessment to identify key business performance issues, creating hands-on performance-focused solutions that fit the organization, aligning leaders and managers around common goals, guiding and facilitating work process improvement opportunities, strengthening employee selection and retention programs, and coaching / developing supervisors and managers.

The Mayer Group, with over 40 years of experience in management and operations, is built on the philosophy that all companies can achieve measurably higher performance by focusing on improving work and management processes while simultaneously developing the skills and commitment of employees. With their experience as small business owners and large company managers, The Mayer Group is uniquely equipped to provide effective solutions to problems they themselves have faced in the past. This experience has been the key to successfully assisting business owners and executives in linking sound management strategies with their key business objectives.

The Mayer Group, formed in 1994, is owned by Ken and Dee Mayer. The owners steadfastly maintain the specialized one-on-one customer service that has been the foundation of their success. The Mayer Group has served more than 120 clients and continues to add to the variety of consulting services they offer.


The Mayer Group, Inc.