Enhancing Employee Engagement

Today’s employees are no longer satisfied (if employees ever actually were) with just doing a job and following orders.  Likewise, every organization needs a higher level of thinking and performance from employees in order to reach higher levels of performance.  Matters are further complicated because organizations can no longer guarantee long-term employment if they are to stay competitive.  Furthermore, a rapidly developing labor shortage in our country will provide employees more options than ever before.  All of this adds up to the fact that good employees will only work at maximum potential for you if you do a better job of meeting their needs and desires.

The primary role of managers in every organization is to consistently strengthen the commitment of employees to meeting the needs of the organization.  This can only be accomplished by simultaneously meeting the Individual Needs of each employee while focusing everyone on the Organization’s Needs. 

A crucial element of a successful management transition process is the adoption of a fundamentally sound people management philosophy – a formula for enhancing employee commitment.



For many years management assumed that an “organization” is a relatively simple “machine” to produce goods / services.  Consistent with this assumption employees were often viewed as cogs in the machine operated by management.  Managers attempted to design jobs that were as independent, repetitive, structured, and as simple as possible.  Employees were given only the information required to perform their job.  The exercise of judgment or flexibility was discouraged and employees were directed to follow orders and/or strict procedures designed by management. 

Over the past thirty years, technology, social influences, competition, economic pressures, legal restrictions, and other factors have conspired to render the old model ineffective.  Today organizations are viewed as complex social and technical systems that must work synergistically to achieve the overall objectives of the whole.  It is recognized that changes in any part of this complex system have an impact on other system components.  It has become increasing important to that everyone in the organization consider these complex interrelationships as problems are solved and decisions are made. 

We believe that all organizations need to focus more effort on maximizing employee engagement and commitment at all levels of the organization.



The building block initiatives focus on refining all components of the your management system. These are the key areas of interaction with employees that determine how engaged and committed they will be.  The organization must refine and coordinate each of these components if employee commitment is to be maximized.





The objective is to maximize the connection of each individual employee to the organization.  Your people management philosophy provides the criteria for improving the design of each people management component.  Using these models and others that enhance involvement, collaborative skills, and creativity will help you gain the engagement and commitment of your employees.


The Mayer Group, Inc.