Labor-Management Collaboration

Through its long-term affiliation with Overland Resource Group, the Mayer Group’s clients have access to proven techniques that enable labor and management leaders to transform adversarial relationships into productive ones. Overland has more than 30 years of experience  assisting leaders from Fortune 500 companies, federal agencies and international and domestic unions in leading  collaboratively to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges and seize game-changing opportunities— all focused on creating mutually beneficial outcomes.

Our collaborative approach, which is distinct from the grievance, arbitration and collective bargaining processes, has a positive “spill-over effect” on the traditional LR arena that results as the parties build more trusting relationships, practice collaborative interactions through structured processes, and see the benefits of measurable outcomes.

By offering a diverse suite of cutting-edge methodologies based upon the latest research, as well as proprietary time-tested approaches, Overland works with labor and management as a "joint" client to define shared outcomes, and build a roadmap for achieving them. As senior leaders set strategic direction for their work together, Overland’s consortium of expert consultants also work at the mid- and front-line levels to execute operational improvements that provide evidence of the return on investment from union-management collaboration.

And, so that collaborative processes are sustainable and scalable, Overland provides access to face-to-face and on-line collaborative tools, skill building and development opportunities through partnership with our sister company, Mocaworks. Through its innovative Knowledge Vault distribution platform, clients have customizable opportunities for sharing, teaching and learning, in a user-friendly, social manner that’s secure, private and completely integrated.

Overland’s work is about helping labor and management focus on the interests they have in common, to achieve greater improvement than either party could by working alone. But don’t just take our word for it. The Profiles in Collaboration™ audio interview series features stories of collaborative transformation, told by those who have led them, and learned first-hand:

When management leaders, union officials and employees are aligned and pulling in the same direction, they create a powerful force for change, and for propelling their enterprise to a competitive advantage not easily replicated.

The Mayer Group, Inc.