Leadership / Management Coaching & Development

Performance-Focused Individual & Team Coaching / Development Process

A good coaching and development process depends on having a clear understanding of how the coach and the executive / manager / supervisor or team to be developed perceive and prioritize his/her/their development needs. The initial steps of our coaching process involve helping you analyze your manager / supervisor and/or team development needs, establish specific, measurable developmental goals, identify specific organizational needs that will become the focus for coaching activities, and prepare for the initial discussion with your manager / supervisor and/or team about the coaching process. Before we meet with your supervisor / manager and/or team we will complete the following steps:

Decisions to be made prior to the start of coaching:
  • What do we plan to achieve through the coaching / development process?
  • What organizational needs / issues will the development process address?
  • How will we measure the effectiveness of the coaching process?
What do we plan to achieve?

We will help you identify and prioritize skill or competency gaps between an executive/manager’s current skill level and any current or future competencies required to manage their accountabilities successfully. Whether or not you plan to use the our assessments to identify development needs, we make sure you have an up-to-date a job analysis on each of the positions for which you are assessing a executive/manager’s skill level. Each job analysis will include documentation of the current and future competency requirements (both managerial and technical competencies) for the position, so that development gaps and opportunities can be assigned the proper priority. It is important for anyone participating in the coaching process to understand the job accountabilities and competencies required of the person being coached so they can accurately evaluate and guide the person’s development needs.

What business needs / issues will the development process address?

Prior to conducting coaching sessions, we will establish a clear understanding of your objectives for the process and the business  / organizational issues you want to address. We will establish a set of measurable improvement criteria that will form the basis for the coaching activities. The objective is to provide meaningful development opportunities within the context of achieving measurable progress on the business issues identified.

How we administer the Coaching / Development Process

Process steps:

  • Identify individuals / teams who will be participating in the coaching / development process.
  • Confirm that a current job / team analyses (which defines current and future competency requirements) has been documented for the targeted individuals or teams.
  • Define the purpose, objective(s), and timelines for each individual or team’s coaching / development process.
  • Establish criteria for evaluating developmental progress.
  • Establish the business / organizational issues to be addressed and determine methods that will be used to measure improvements for each individual.
  • Design the feedback reports / summaries that will be returned to the person sponsoring the coaching / development process.
  • Meet with each individual / team to initiate the coaching / development process.
  • Monitor developmental progress and achievement of business improvements.
  • Prepare and distribute the feedback reports / summaries that will be shared with the sponsor.
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