Marc C. Bridgham




An accomplished, creative organization development professional with over 30 years experience as a manager and consultant in Organization Development, Strategic Planning & Business Development, Innovation, Total Quality Management, and Human Resource Management. Highly skilled in enterprise-wide, whole systems transformation with a proven track record of significant, enduring impact on business results, creative outcomes, collaborative relationships, and positive change. Experience includes external and internal consulting as well as managing staff professionals and consulting teams.


Strategic Business Transformation

As a consultant with The Belgard Group, co-developed Strategic Business Transformation (SBT) ™, a set of models, processes, and tools used to customize, launch, and sustain major organization change in all aspects.    Led SBT efforts in aerospace and manufacturing firms that generated significant turnarounds in business results, customer satisfaction, and a positive work environment, including achievement of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

International and Value-Stream Collaboration. 

As a Strategic Planning and Business Development Manager in the aerospace business following the end of the Cold War, designed and conducted one of the first meetings on collaborative Space efforts between Russian and American aerospace scientists, resulting in Russian involvement in the International Space Station, Sea-Launch, and other on-going manned and unmanned programs.   Facilitated national and international business alliances, customer-supplier collaboration, and other cooperative business development and program management efforts.  Helped with cultural assimilation after mergers and acquisitions.

Breakthrough Technology

As an OD professional developed a specialized capability in the business application of breakthrough techniques, including lateral thinking, rapid prototyping, and language patterns.  Designed and implemented The Performance Breakthrough Center, a facility specifically built to accelerate step-function change in processes and organizations – including physical lay-out, staff development, and processes.  As a member of The Belgard Group co-lead Breakthrough Work Design™ events and services to several industries.   Introduced breakthrough as a key characteristic in Commitment Based Management, an enterprise-wide business and cultural transformation. 

Organization Culture

As an internal and external consultant engineered intentional cultural transformations that resulted in dramatic progress from a negative to a positive climate regarding leadership, employee morale, and attention to business results.  These included Commitment Based Management™, an approach to goal setting and action planning based on breakthrough thinking, and TBO, the implementation of high performance, team-based organization structures and process.

Total Quality Implementation (TQM)

As a manager of OD and Continuous Quality Improvement, led the introduction of total quality management in a major aerospace company.  This effort included implementing a grass roots, employee involvement effort in administrative support systems that resulted in $7 million dollars savings the first year.  Designed and conducted TQM training and coaching for all functional departments and programs.

Team-Based Organizations and Employee Involvement

As an internal OD manager, led the development of Team-Based Organization structure/capability in a facility with a complex cultural and labor-relations history.  This effort resulted in increased labor/management cooperation, improved work processes, the introduction of team skills and lean manufacturing to work process, and the introduction of multi-representative steering councils.  As an internal and external consultant provided high performance and employee involvement coaching, tools, training, and other services to multiple industries and organizations.

Labor Relations

As a an independent contractor with The Overland Resource Group helped design, implement and lead unique labor-management collaboration structures and strategies in major corporations.

Designed and conducted organization development and transformation efforts at all levels and scope in organized labor environments.  Introduced and facilitated joint steering committees for team-based work structures and other collaborative labor/management leadership forums.

 Creative Event Design

As an OD professional, developed a national reputation for creative event design and workshops using a variety of sources including adventure/rope-courses, mythology, theatre, story-telling, music, anthropology, history, dialogue, and open-space.  Designed and implemented a variety of events, varying in size from 25 to 450, including focuses on strategic planning, improving business results, culture building, teamwork, problem-solving, celebration, futuring, and total quality.   Co-designed the Collaborative Work Systems Symposium at the University of North Texas for three years as well as the design and execution of several professional conferences.

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