Measurable Management

Measurable Management is a very successful program for helping companies translate their good intentions into measurable outcomes while initiating change that is both sustainable and profitable.  Measurable Management was developed and introduced by the UK based firm McQuillan-Byrne and is successfully being launched in the U.S.  The Mayer Group, Inc. is a certified facilitator of the Measurable Management program.

Target Audience

Measurable Management is aimed at team leaders, supervisors and first line managers.

Program Curriculum
  • Perform business needs analysis and define key business issues for improvement
  • Understand roles and responsibilities of being a supervisor / manager
  • Influence behavior and recognize the benefits of managing in a developmental way
  • Gain an appreciation of the customer and supplier roles (both internal and external)
  • Define what quality goods and services are and realize the need for continual improvement
  • Understand what systems and processes are and the way in which they can be analyzed
  • Identify areas for improvement in resources, process and conditions
  • Implement and evaluate plans for immediate action
Management Focus
  • Improve individual supervisor / manager work skills with the goal of increasing efficiency and productivity
  • Provide continuity of management approach throughout the organization
  • Implement a program framework including work-based projects to ensure managers are addressing key business issues
  • Implement a process which strengthens quality initiatives such as TQM, Lean Thinking & Six Sigma
Measurable Results

Your front line managers will devise and implement initiatives to improve business performance based on key business objectives driven by organizational needs.  Bottom line: Tangible, measurable results including costs savings, increased productivity, improved efficiency, reduced waste, and a positive attitude for change with your workforce.  The measurable outcomes will provide a return on investment . . . we guarantee it!

The Mayer Group, Inc.