Mission Statement

The Mayer Group believes we have a duty to positively impact the organizations that serve our society.

Our mission is to enhance the performance of organizations in measurable ways by focusing on key organizational goals and increasing the level of involvement, participation, commitment, and sense of ownership of individual organization members.

We professionally apply our experience and expertise with integrity, respect, trust, and insight to provide the solutions, guidance, and support required to achieve this purpose.

We excite our customers, energize our associates, demand continuous personal and professional growth, and achieve a fair economic return.


Our Values

We believe that:

  • People have value in their own right and, therefore, every organization has an ethical, moral, and social duty to treat all people with respect, honor, and integrity.
  • The intellectual, social, and emotional capabilities of people are the most important asset within every organization for achieving its objectives.
  • The performance of people in organizations will be maximized when they work in a culture that values and supports collaboration and involvement focused on relevant organizational goals and issues.
  • Organizations are “open” social systems that constantly receive inputs from an ever-changing competitive environment. The organization’s fundamental purpose is to add value to their environment through the profitable production of goods or services that meet the needs of the marketplace.
  • A critical factor in sustaining economic growth in our society is ready access for all organizations to the latest and best theories and practices in organization management.
  • Clients/Customers must be continually surprised and delighted with an organization’s products or services if the organization is to thrive.
  • Every organization must constantly “learn” if they wish to continuously improve.
  • Monitoring the environment, updating business strategies and plans, aligning the organization to its purpose, principles, and goals, and continuously evaluating progress are the essential elements of organizational success.
  • Fun and personal fulfillment must be mingled with the serious pursuit of organizational objectives.
  • Every organization should give something back to the community it serves.
  • Superior consulting organizations “model” what they sell. We must “own” the principles we preach in everything we do.
  • “Virtual” organizations, built on strong, trust-based Affiliations and Networks, will be the dominant paradigm in the consulting industry and our economy in the 21st century. Successful consulting firms will model and perfect this new form of organization.

Our Philosophy

The Mayer Group believes that all successful management solutions must be integrated with the existing management system and measured on the basis of improvement in organizational performance and profitability. Over the past 20 years, The Mayer Group has developed a goal-focused, systematic, practical model for addessing organizational issues that involve both “Process” and “People” – all aspects of work and management processes. Our approach includes a full range of tools, techniques, and resources.

Our model, which we call Value Maximizing Management, is based on the premise that the more closely aligned an organization’s employees are with the organization’s goals, the higher the levels of performance that can be achieved. Our model provides a solid, organized, consistent foundation for identifying issues, collecting information, setting goals, designing customized, integrated solutions, training and involving participants, managing implementation, and measuring and monitoring results.

The Mayer Group is positioned to effectively assist business owners and organization executives in linking sound “Process” and “People” management strategies to their key business objectives in ways that improve overall performance. We are prepared to guide planning sessions, facilitate work and management process change, create higher levels of collaboration and involvement, improve work and administrative processes, design and administer surveys and assessments of overall organizational readiness, management effectiveness, and employee commitment, and to provide a source of ongoing support as new issues or questions arise.

The Mayer Group offers an integrated, goal-focused approach to the analysis and improvement of the full range of management and performance aspects of any organization. We believe that the key is the proper alignment of employees with organizational objectives to maximize performance. With more than thirty years of diverse management experience, we are fully prepared to offer a broad range of both general and specific services.

The Mayer Group, Inc.