Integrated Management Solutions

We believe that today’s executives and managers need a straightforward, easy-to-understand management approach to help them address complex management issues. Our goal-focused, collaborative models and processes provide that framework.

We believe that today’s executives and managers need a straightforward, easy-to-understand management approach to help them address complex management issues. Our Value Maximizing Management model provides that framework.

Whether you have a very specific problem to address or you’re ready to implement company-wide change, we will customize our solution to fit your organization to create the best Integrated Management Solution.


Our Services

Management Coaching / Development- Addresses manager and supervisor development issues identified by top management or through competency and other assessments. Includes individual or group coaching, mentoring, workshops, customized training courses, and more.

Enhancing Employee Engagement – For many years, management assumed that an “organization” is a relatively simple “machine” to produce goods / services. Consistent with this assumption employees were often viewed as cogs in the machine operated by management. Today organizations are viewed as complex social and technical systems that must work synergistically to achieve the overall objectives of the whole. Utilize our High Performance Through High Commitment model to refine your management system to maximize employee commitment and performance.

Selecting the Best People – Nearly all organizations struggle with a very common yet immensely impactful problem. The inability to consistently select the right person to fill a key position seems to cause a lot of management’s daily frustration. Strengthen your process for evaluating internal or external candidates by utilizing our systematic approach to thoroughly and carefully screening candidates, and helping you select the "best fit" candidates available.

Collaborative Quality Improvement – Organizations that want to increase the level of employee participation in Quality / Continuous Improvement initiatives that include problem solving, decision making, planning, and similar organizational activities typically need some guidance as they launch. Our approach provides a structured process for forming and facilitating truly collaborative and effective work groups for quality and continuous improvement initiatives. 

Collaborative Work Systems  - Collaboration is a simple idea; it’s people working together to achieve a shared goal.  And while collaboration may be simple in concept, getting people aligned and organized to work together can be challenging. On the upside, organizing for collaboration can reap the benefits of a loyal customer base, engaged employees, and growth in profits.  

Labor and Management Collaboration  - Transform adversarial labor-management relationships into productive ones. Our processes, skill-building and proven methodologies help organizations shed entrenched conflict in favor of union-management collaboration that focuses on meeting the shared interests of employees/members, customers, communities and other stakeholders.

Measurable Management – Measurable Management is a very successful program for helping companies translate their good intentions into measurable outcomes while initiating change that is both sustainable and profitable. Measurable Management was developed and introduced by the UK-based firm McQuillan-Byrne and is successfully being launched in the U.S. The Mayer Group, Inc. is a certified facilitator of the Measurable Management program.

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